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Video: Great News. An updated e-Learning Solution for 7 countries in LATAM

Just wanted to share the great news. Today finished the update of an e-learning solution for an education client in Mexico! I love working on this kind of stuff as it will help tens of thousands of learners throughout Latin America!

Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and more!

It will go live next week when we do the knowledge transfer live with their workforce!

Going live next week!!! e-learning!

Have a great end to the week!


Keeping Up: 5 Key Trends in Organizational L&D in 2019

Over the years I have seen a number of changes when it comes to learning & development (L&D). Companies have employed a range of different techniques to meet the learning and training needs of their workforce.

In 2019, technology is playing a bigger role than ever. Here are five trends that we are observing in the marketplace and that companies should pay close attention to.

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Global Training – Locally Tailored

Conversari Global’s Mexico-based, British Consultant, Tom Scott shares his personal experience about tailoring standardized global training initiatives to be relevant to local cultures and norms.

How can we tailor a global training solution to local environments? How can we deliver a common service standard across markets while being responsive to local demands? Read on for 3 insights on tailoring global solutions to local environments.

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Why Universities and Businesses Must Collaborate to Develop Critical Competencies

Conversari’s Corporate Training Consultant Tom Scott talks about why Universities and Businesses should seek closer collaboration to develop critical business competencies.

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Why Engineers Need Soft Skills… Period.

Today I talk about why I think soft skills cannot be ignored. Developing human abilities to work effectively with others is paramount. To do this, I share my experience from working with technology companies around the world.

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What Travelling Around The World Taught Me About Business Gamification

For those of who know me, they know I have the travel bug. I travel regularly for work and for pleasure. In 2018 I visited 12 different countries, 7 for the first time. New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Hong Kong (China), India, Poland, Argentina and Chile to be exact. Let me tell you what contribution business Gamification made to this journey.

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Soft-Skills for 2022: The Human Element of Innovation

UK-Mexico Soft-Skills consultant Tom Scott on in-demand soft-skills for 2022. Just how important are soft-skills in areas like innovation and creativity?
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