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5 Big Mistakes I See in Poorly Written MBA Applications and How to Fix Them

Writing an MBA application is not easy. There is a lot of talent in the market place. How do you sell yourself and stand out from the crowd? People all around the world are writing competitive applications. Sometimes, what sinks an MBA application is not something complex, it is something really simple.

They say “the only thing the eye cannot see is itself”. I remember writing my own MBA statement and my essays for my doctorate. I had coached people on MBA admissions for years. But when it was my own application it was so much harder.

Regardless, I reflected on the mistakes I see most often in my clients’ applications and made sure I avoided them. Here is how to avoid common mistakes on MBA applications and to make sure you can let your talent shine.

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How These Mexican Lawyers Got into an LLM at Harvard, NYU, Oxford, Chicago and LSE.

Every year, many Mexican Lawyers aim for the top law schools in the world. A prestigious LLM can be a great investment in a long, successful career in law and the legal profession.  

These are five tips I offered lawyers who got LL.M offers at the best law schools in the world. Schools include Harvard, NYU, Oxford, Chicago, LSE, Georgetown, Berkley, UCL, Northwestern, Duke, QMUL and many more.

Get into your LLM… #maestrias #llm #derecho

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Why Your Own Story Is More Interesting Than You Think.

The importance of storytelling and strategic narrative in your career.

People who know me well know that I do two main jobs. I divide my time between consulting on human capital and coaching applicants on applications to top-tiered universities around the world. Storytelling is a critical part of both lines of work and can shapre your future. Let me tell you more…

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Why $150k MBA tuition fees are barely half of what you’ll need

Tuition fees for top MBA progams in the USA range from around 110 – 155k USD. This is a huge amount of money for the majority of people. For most young people, it can be like taking out a mortgage before even owning a house. #mba #maestria #posgrado

Is the investment worth it? The answer depends on many factors. For example, your industry, desired career path, and country. Only you can really decide.

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The Power of Humility: Why Your Strengths Alone Are Not Enough.

Applications Coach Tom Scott on the power of humility in your statement of purpose. #talento #mba #maestria #softskills #competencias
If it is too good to be true, it probably is. This cliché is ancient, but still relevant. When you write a statement of purpose (SOP), you want it to make you shine. But, if you present a flawless image, admissions advisors will see right through you…

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Want to master GMAT and GRE? Change the way you think about failure

Over the last 6 years of teaching GMAT and GRE verbal reasoning, I have come to appreciate and understand some of the main roadblocks that people come up against when trying to succeed at and do well on standardised tests like GMAT and GRE. The tests can be hard and the practice required is gruelling, especially if you consider most the people taking it are full-time working professionals with demanding jobs.

While some people naturally find these types of tests easy, many do not. I strongly believe that the way more people can succeed at GMAT is to change the way they think about failure. Getting in the right mind set is key in order to overcome the hurdle to and MBA or Master’s program. Here are some important tips for keeping a positive, progressive mind-set that sees making mistakes an opportunity to learn.

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Choosing the right Master’s for you – some tips

I did a piece the other day regarding the timing of a Master’s degree. Here I’ve decided to share a bit more about the next step: once you’ve decided to do one.

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So you’ve decided now is the time to study a masters degree. That’s great, but what do you need to consider when choosing where, what and how to study? Over the years I have seen great examples of people who chose the right master’s and people who chose the wrong one. Let me share some of things that those who chose the right one had in common when choosing.

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So I’ve just graduated – now for a Masters?

So you’ve finally got your degree… Perhaps you’ve got a job, perhaps not. Half way through your twenties, is now the time for a Master’s degree, be it an MBA, MSc or MA?


There is definitely pressure to be better qualified in a competitive workplace, but it’s worth thinking long and hard before you jump. Having advised people for a number of years now, here is some of my professional advice.

Study vs. Work-experience: Academic qualifications are important, but so is work experience. A master’s degree doesn’t guarantee a better job, especially if those with only a bachelor’s have better experience and work skills. Remember companies hire great individuals, not certificates. So ask yourself whether 1-2 years of additional work experience will be a better investment.

Timing: Studying full-time (home or abroad) for 1-2 years will take you out of the job market and companies will hire and promote other people. If you’re currently employed, always extensively investigate promotion opportunities first. If a job in a management looks likely, it might be better to go for that and build a name for yourself and then look for a master’s later.

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