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The Chevening Interview – Are you ready for your big chance?

This week, a small handful of the candidates to the Chevening Scholarship 2018, the prestigious scholarship from the British Embassy, were informed they would be invited to interview in the next couple of months. Many others were unfortunately not invited to interview.

Those who are successful at the interview stage will be those who get awarded the scholarship and travel to the UK to study for a year. Importantly, they will also become part of the prestigious Chevening network, a collection of influential and talented professionals around the world who have been responsible for creating great social, economic and cultural links between their countries and the UK.


In the past few years I have worked with a number of Chevening applicants, a number who have been successful in getting to the interview and getting awarded the scholarship. Not every person I have coached went all the way, but having debriefed candidates and discovered about their interviews, here are 4 tips to help you prepare for your interview.

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