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It’s labor day: reflect on what you tell yourself about your workplace

A short blog to start today. Today is labor day and I intend to take some time off like most other people. Too often in my line of work in Learning and Development I hear how people describe their workplaces. I often wonder how many of them are telling the truth about the workplace in which they work. Too often, what people seem to say doesn’t reflect the reality.

Learning and Development professionals play a huge role in helping create better workplaces. As part of a global campaign, Conversari Global are asking the big question about how we can create better workplaces where people really can be creative, be heard, be a leader and be organized.

Take just two minutes today to watch this really short video and think about your workplace. I’d love to hear comments in the feed about your reality and how you see the world of work today.

Creating a better world of work is possible. #work #business #betterworldofwork

Cultural Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Business Leadership Development

Effective leadership is a source of competitive advantage. Globalization is accelerating, so companies must support leaders to compete with global competition. Companies must train leaders to overcome cross-cultural barriers that did not exist before.

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What Travelling Around The World Taught Me About Business Gamification

For those of who know me, they know I have the travel bug. I travel regularly for work and for pleasure. In 2018 I visited 12 different countries, 7 for the first time. New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Hong Kong (China), India, Poland, Argentina and Chile to be exact. Let me tell you what contribution business Gamification made to this journey.

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