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The Secret to How to Influence Others and Build Trust: Developing your Talent for Public Speaking

Influir y ganar confianza | Talento humano | Hablar en público

Yesterday I led a three hour session on Pitching for Investment with one of my favorite colleagues and friends, Kellie Dundon. The audience was 14 budding entrepreneurs and international business graduates at La Universidad Panamericana. The purpose of the session was simple:

Learn ‘how to gain trust, inspire confidence and positively influence others”. In other words, the participants were challenged in three hours to develop a personal elevator pitch that inspires others. This pitch needed to grab the attention of their audience (investors) and give the speakers a base to then deliver a winning pitch.

I want to share with you four simple tips and tricks on how to grab the attention of your audience. These tips will help you quickly build trust and influence others in a positive way. These ideas can be universally applied to business pitches, presentations, first meetings and networking.

Cuatro consejos para hablar en público, influir y ganar confianza.

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4 Ways LMS Platforms Will Change Your SHRM Decisions on Talent Development

The 3rd Linked-In Workplace Learning report was recently released. Amongst the key findings was a widely expected increase in talent development budgets. Another trend: a 59% increase in budget spent on online learning compared to three years ago. The priority for most learning and development professionals is identifying and closing skills gaps and monitoring performance.

Learning Management System (LMS) platforms are a bridge between employers and employees. They are critical in helping organizations facilitate the learning of knowledge and skills their workforce needs. They are a key part in fostering organizational change.

LMS platforms are becoming ever more sophisticated. They are providing organizational leaders and L&D managers unique opportunities to tailor organizational learning experiences to meet current and future demands. Talent development decisions are made more regularly and managers need to react faster. Here are four ways LMS platforms will change SHRM decisions on talent development and management.

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5 Big Mistakes I See in Poorly Written MBA Applications and How to Fix Them

Writing an MBA application is not easy. There is a lot of talent in the market place. How do you sell yourself and stand out from the crowd? People all around the world are writing competitive applications. Sometimes, what sinks an MBA application is not something complex, it is something really simple.

They say “the only thing the eye cannot see is itself”. I remember writing my own MBA statement and my essays for my doctorate. I had coached people on MBA admissions for years. But when it was my own application it was so much harder.

Regardless, I reflected on the mistakes I see most often in my clients’ applications and made sure I avoided them. Here is how to avoid common mistakes on MBA applications and to make sure you can let your talent shine.

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Why Engineers Need Soft Skills… Period.

Today I talk about why I think soft skills cannot be ignored. Developing human abilities to work effectively with others is paramount. To do this, I share my experience from working with technology companies around the world.

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Why Your Own Story Is More Interesting Than You Think.

The importance of storytelling and strategic narrative in your career.

People who know me well know that I do two main jobs. I divide my time between consulting on human capital and coaching applicants on applications to top-tiered universities around the world. Storytelling is a critical part of both lines of work and can shapre your future. Let me tell you more…

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Cultural Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Business Leadership Development

Effective leadership is a source of competitive advantage. Globalization is accelerating, so companies must support leaders to compete with global competition. Companies must train leaders to overcome cross-cultural barriers that did not exist before.

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The Power of Humility: Why Your Strengths Alone Are Not Enough.

Applications Coach Tom Scott on the power of humility in your statement of purpose. #talento #mba #maestria #softskills #competencias
If it is too good to be true, it probably is. This cliché is ancient, but still relevant. When you write a statement of purpose (SOP), you want it to make you shine. But, if you present a flawless image, admissions advisors will see right through you…

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