I set up MondoTalento in 2018 to provide a resource, blog and community for all topics related to talent development. My belief is that in order to progress we need to find ways to develop others and develop ourselves.

MondoTalento is a place to read about and discuss the latest trends in talent acquisition, talent management, L&D, personal and professional development, and graduate admissions. All of these areas are critical to developing top-class talent and developing ourselves.


I am the joint-owner of TrainGrad, a graduate admissions school in Mexico, and I am an Interntional Consultant for Conversari Global, a global consulting firm with offices and projects in 3 continents.

My areas of speciality include coaching, soft-skills development, learning & development (L&D) and professional training. I am also studying my doctorate in the UK, investigating ways to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship training.

Tom Scott, MBA. tgscott00@gmail.com

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