How These Mexican Lawyers Got into an LLM at Harvard, NYU, Oxford, Chicago and LSE.

Every year, many Mexican Lawyers aim for the top law schools in the world. A prestigious LLM can be a great investment in a long, successful career in law and the legal profession.  

These are five tips I offered lawyers who got LL.M offers at the best law schools in the world. Schools include Harvard, NYU, Oxford, Chicago, LSE, Georgetown, Berkley, UCL, Northwestern, Duke, QMUL and many more.

Get into your LLM… #maestrias #llm #derecho

Many of these also got 50-100% scholarships, the Chevening or the Fulbright. Use these five tips to improve your chances of following them.

ONE: Do Your Research

Know the right program for you. Not all LLM programs are the same. Some people are better suited to certain LLMs than others. Don’t just pick the top 5 schools in the ranking. Pick the right school for you!

Here are some of the key things to research:

  • Program type: Executive LLM or Full-time.
  • Specialisms: For example, Arbitration, Corporate Law, M&A, or Human Rights.
  • Length: 1 year? 2 years?
  • Cost of Fees & Cost of Living
  • Profile of Successful Candidates: Typical average (GPA) and professional background.
  • Profile of Graduates: Where do they go and work?
  • The LLM Guide Blog is a good place to do research.

TWO: Network, Network, Network.

The legal world can be a small one. Knowing the right people can be critical. Get yourself on the radar with law schools by attending their events. If you have the chance, visit the university. Meet admissions tutors and professors so you can put a face to your name.

Alumni networks are essential resources. Use your current network and build a new one. I always put admissions clients in touch with current students and ex-alumni. Meeting people who know the schools will help you build a name. It will also help you choose the right school.

THREE: Make Your CV Shine

Your CV provides law schools with a summary of who you are. Make sure you show off academic achievements (including your average / GPA). Include details about your work and provide examples of real successes. Real examples are always better than empty statements.

Show your socially-focused side. Include Pro-Bono and charitable work you do. Show the work you do to benefit your community. Giving your spare time to a start-up? Share it! Closing deals that benefit your country and citizens? Include them! Teaching part-time? Show it!

The best candidates will have rounded profiles. If you are missing something important and have time, fill the gap. Take a course, join a program, or give your time to help others. Everything helps.

FOUR: Tell Your Inspiring Story

The best law schools are the most competitive. You are competing against people from all around the world. Some universities have acceptance rates as low as 4-5%. You must tell a story well to stand out.

Tell your story in an inspiring and engaging way. A boring story will probably end up in the trash can with other rejected applications. Give your audience a reason to get to keep reading to the end of your essay.

Engage the limbic, emotional brain. Tap into people’s emotions and make a connection with them. Show them who you are and why attending a top law-school will change the future. Paint a picture of future opportunities and show them the value you will bring their law school.

Read my blog on Storytelling and Strategic Narrative.

FIVE: Be Realistic

One of the most important parts of my jobs is to keep people grounded. Your undergraduate average, work experience and life experience all contribute to your application. Some universities focus on academic scores, some focus on work experience.

Got a low average and little work experience? The top-10 may have to wait until later. If you are desperate to go this year, you need to keep your options open to all possibilities.

Even if you are a strong candidate, the top schools are hard. Compete for the best schools, but always have a Plan B and C. I have seen people with 9.9 averages from the Libre Derecho accepted to top schools, but also rejected from others.

Don’t place all your eggs in one basket! But, be confident, too.

Shape Your Future

I have had the pleasure to help lawyers from Mexico’s best law schools. This includes La Escuela Libre de Derecho (ELD), ITAM, UNAM, TEC, Ibero, Anáhuac and more.

The most successful candidates have always been the best prepared. Here are just a few of the success stories from the past year or two. 75% of these were female candidates!

Ritch-Mueller, ELD Oxford, LSE, UCL, Chevening
Corporate, Ibero Harvard
Galicia, Anahuac North-Western, Scholarship.
Jones Day, TEC Georgetown, LSE, NYU, Scholarship
Jones Day, Ibero Duke, Scholarship
Jones Day, Ibero Oxford
SOLCARGO, Anahuac UCL, LSE, Chevening, Scholarship
Government, ITAM North-Western, Scholarship
Government, UNAM Paris, Cambridge, Chevening, Scholarship.
Supreme Court, ITAM NYU, Chicago, North-Western, Scholarship
Supreme Court, ITAM KCL, QMUL
Boutique Firm, ITAM NYU, Chicago, Scholarship

Feel free to reach out to me for more information and guidance. I’d be happy to talk through my coaching services with you. I coach for LLMs, MBAs, Doctorates and more.

Tom Scott on Linked-In

@mondotalento on Twitter

More tips for LLM programs available at my previous blog.

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