Conacyt, Funed and Mexican Scholarships. 4 important tips to follow. Becas Conacyt y Funed.

Each year different organisations in Mexico provide a range of options for scholarships. Now in March 2018, many scholarships, e.g. Chevening, are closed, but the normal period for Conacyt applications is about to open. This is typically between April and June. If you are looking for funding from Conacyt, here are a few tips to bear in mind when doing so.

Conacyt está a punto de abrir su convocatoria 2019. Qué sean atentos de las posibilidades de becas para estudios en el extranjero. #becas #maestrias

  • Your subject area: Conacyt is an organisation largely targeted at the sciences or masters and doctorate in certain specialised areas. Each year they list typical areas of focus, e.g. health or the environment. It is worth knowing if your subject area is in the list because this can indicate an increased likelihood for receiving funding.
  • Some subject areas are more or less excluded from Conacyt, for example MBAs will only be able to obtain the most limited of funding for medical cover. In the case of the Arts, people can apply to Conacyt but through FONCA. In short, don’t waste your time if your subject is not likely to be funded. To find out which areas are a priority, go to the Conacyt website.
  • Timescales: The so called “convocatoria” is typically opened between April and June. Funding in some areas may be limited, so I always recommend you apply as early as possible to ensure the best chance of being accepted. Apply within the first week or two of the period and ensure you are timely in providing any additional information that is required of you.
  • Supporting Documentation: Do not underestimate the importance of the documentation required. Organisations providing scholarships are demanding and expect all documentation to be complete and on time. Make sure you have this all on time, so go to your university and get transcripts and reference letters early. The last thing you want is to be trying to track down an old university professor for a reference and then missing the deadline because you could not get hold of them. Check and check twice all of the documentation required to ensure you don’t miss out on a technicality.
  • Get help: In the past some of the organisations were a little disorganised and getting funding was fairly easy. However, as competition for scholarships has increased, so have the demands of the funding organisations. Each year more and more people find themselves with offers from universities, only to find themselves being rejected for the scholarship funding. In most cases this is due to poor applications that are not focused on the requirements or that are not attractive to the scholarship providers. Seek professional help from an admissions advisor to maximise your chances of getting the funding you need.

For advice on scholarships contact Tom Scott ( Necesitas ayuda con becas para estudios en el extranjero? Tom Scott (

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